Born 1955-09-24 in Roskilde; mother American, father Danish therefore I am a dual national. Grew up in Roskilde – left Roskilde to follow father who in 1968 became a secretary at the UN. Back in Denmark 1971, graduated from high school (Frederiksberg Gymnasium73x) in 1973.

From 1982 Ph.D. student at the University of Washington–defended Ph.D.: “Object Mobility in a Distributed Object-Oriented System” December 1988, Seattle, Washington, USA.. Moved back to Roskilde 1987. Assistant Professor Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, 1987, Associate Professor from 1989, Department Chair 1989-92. Full professor since 2000.

School board chairman Absalons skole 1991-99. Active glider pilot, certified flying instructor since 1977, more than 1,350 hours logged and 3,000 flights (that’s one full 24 hour day per year of my life). Danish junior national Champion 1977. One Danish National speed record. See more below.